Another success to celebrate!
ADDITIVE is strategic partner of TikTok for 2023

September 2023

David Weitlaner

Head of Digital Marketing

We are proud to once again be awarded the TikTok Strategic Agency Badge 2023 and to participate in TikTok's pilot project.


This badge underlines our commitment to work with the social media platform and our ambition to be at the cutting edge of online marketing.

TikTok Strategic Agency for 2023

In order to qualify for the TikTok Strategic Agency badge and participate in the pilot project, agencies must meet certain requirements: in addition to an existing relationship with TikTok, these include high performance on TikTok Ads campaigns and continuous customer and revenue growth.


After a careful review of our website, products and other documents, we are once again one of only 20 selected agencies in Italy to achieve this coveted partner status in 2023.

Advantages for our customers and for us as a company

As a strategic agency, we have exclusive access to TikTok's latest features and developments. This allows us to be the first to benefit from the platform's beta features without any restrictions on targeting options. A highlight represents the unrestricted use of all ad formats, direct contact with TikTok and the ability to run our campaigns in over 55 countries.


The certification and access to new features, as well as TikTok's expert support, allows us to quickly develop, implement and optimize new advertising options and concepts. This enables us to increase our clients' presence on the platform, achieve marketing goals faster and bring hotel marketing to the next level.