Optimal work-life balance

February 2023

Petra Enrich

Culture Manager

Thanks to flexible working hours and sovereignty over working time, ADDITIVE is able to balance private and professional responsibilities.

"93% of ADDITIVE employees confirm: The organization of working hours takes personal/private responsibilities into account wherever possible."
-- Petra Enrich
Flexible working hours, trust flexitime and work sovereignty

Thanks to flexible working hours, trust-based flexitime and work sovereignty, employees at ADDITIVE have the freedom to create, innovate and find new solutions.

For years, the entire team has been able to access all work content independently of time, location and device. This means that hybrid working from one of our offices, from home or from one of our international locations is part of everyday life.

Hybrid working from the office, from home ...
... or from one of the international locations.

This networked work is characterized by active and autonomous work organization. The individual work schedule leaves room for any lifestyle, personal needs or even family demands. This flexibility for any life situation combined with a highly inspiring work environment motivates the ADDITIVE team to perform at their best and be more productive every day.