AI revolutionizes newsletter marketing

March 2023

Stefan Gasser

Head of Web Software

Thanks to new tools like ChatGPT, artificial intelligence (AI) has been on everyone's lips lately.

AI-based technologies have the potential to revolutionize entire industries, job profiles, and the way we live our daily lives.

Team member
@ADDITIVE Web Software

The general interest in AI "helpers" that can make our lives easier is correspondingly high.

As an innovative software company for the hospitality industry, ADDITIVE is of course not a stranger to this topic. Although we have been using AI-based algorithms in the background of our online marketing campaigns for quite some time, they have not been visible to the user or our hotel customers until now. However, with the development of a new feature, the use of artificial intelligence in our ADDITIVE+ APPS is now visible and usable for the user.

With artificial intelligence to higher newsletter opening rates

Earlier this year, ADDITIVE's web software team developed an AI feature for the ADDITIVE+ NEWSLETTER tool that automatically generates suggestions for newsletter subject lines.

Creating appealing subject lines for newsletter campaigns used to be a challenge that required a lot of creative thinking. The new AI feature aims to change that.  It allows hoteliers and marketers to quickly and efficiently generate personalized subject lines that pique readers' interest.

How does the AI feature work?

The feature is based on an interface to OpenAi. The artificial intelligence analyzes the text content in the newsletter and generates different suggestions for the user with just one click. In the background, the AI accesses large amounts of text files and analyzes which combinations of words and phrases work best in the subject line or have the highest probability of high open and click rates.


So, in a nutshell, the feature generates a set of suggestions with one single click, which

  • are aligned with the content of the newsletter,
  • have a higher probability of better open rates and thus
  • generally increase the performance of the newsletter campaigns.

More AI-Features? We’re just getting started!

This new feature is just the beginning. Our software developers are always on the cutting edge and are constantly developing new software features - including AI-based features that add value to hotel marketing and take the user experience in our app world to a new level. 


If you're interested in the future of personalized newsletter marketing and want to be part of an innovative software company, a career at ADDITIVE could be right for you. We're looking for talented and motivated people to help us revolutionize the online marketing industry and help hoteliers reach their guests in innovative ways.