ADDITIVE showcased as an example of success at Meta

February 2023

Lucas Ciola

Advertising Manager

The Global Meta Group recently presented the results of the last quarter of 2022 during its quarterly online conference, the so-called "Earning Calls". During this conference, CEO Mark Zuckerberg as well as other Meta management executives regularly update international investors on the latest business developments and financial results. 


At this last conference in February 2023, ADDITIVE was actually presented and named as a showcase and success story of Meta.

How did we get there?

In November 2022, we implemented a very successful lead generation project for a client in Germany. 

For better understanding, perhaps a brief background: The hotel industry is a highly competitive industry where there is constant competition for new guests. An important factor here is lead generation, i.e. the collection of contact data from potential customers. In a second step,  these leads are then targeted and converted into guests.


The Digital Marketing Team at ADDITIVE successfully acquired leads by placing lead ads on the corporate platform Facebook. Meta tested the success rate of lead generation directly on Facebook, i.e. "on-site," as well as "off-site" on landing pages outside the platform. 

On-site means that prospects fill out the form directly on Facebook. Off-site means that leads are directed to an external landing page outside of Facebook, where the form is ultimately completed.

Meta's Chief Operating Officer, Javier Olivan, was impressed with the results of the joint project, and explained live to an audience of millions:

“ADDITIVE used lead ads to collect a higher volume of qualified leads at a lower cost, so basically compared to off-site leads, they managed to achieve 2x more final bookings with on-site leads and 4x more qualified leads.”
-- Javier Olivan, Chief Operating Officer at Meta

The mention of our project in Meta's online conference highlights the relevance of generating and using guest and contact data for marketing in the hotel industry.


Furthermore, this successful cooperation underlines our innovative strength on an international level.


We're very proud of what we've accomplishedn as a team at ADDITIVE!