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ADDITIVE is on a mission to revolutionize the entire hotel industry.


And we're doing it worldwide.


Our mission is to give hotels back their independence in marketing and distribution, increase guest loyalty and reduce costs.


An easy road? No. But a vision we are passionate about!

Our Vision

Game changing
hospitality marketing
on autopilot

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Watch Video
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How are we going
to realize our vision?

Innovation knows no boundaries. We are driving marketing transformation and changing the rules of online hospitality marketing.


By automating in ways never seen before - with intelligent software and tomorrow's data-driven solutions.



Wondering about our mission?
We unleash the full potential of hotel distribution by creating software that puts online marketing on autopilot.

Our fully automated data-driven solution optimizes occupancy,
attracts the ideal guest, increases customer loyalty, drives revenue
and cuts commission.

Explore what it's like to be part
of something special


euro annual turnover


offices in Europe


euro generated value added



500 +


45 +


Italy, Lana

39°54´26 N 116°23´50 O
ADDITIVE headquarters since 2004, strategically located near the cities of Merano and Bolzano.

A global vision requires thinking without borders.
We are the sum of all thoughts and ideas from our offices in Lana, Bolzano, Innsbruck, Munich, Barcelona and Stockholm. Inspiring international work stays? Absolutely welcome.

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Italy, Lana

39°54´26 N 116°23´50 O
ADDITIVE headquarters since 2004, strategically located near the cities of Merano and Bolzano.

Italy, Bolzano

46°29´26 N 11°20´23 O
Located in the center of Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol - easily accessible by public transportation.

Spain, Barcelona

41°23´19 N 2°09´32 O
Shared office space right in the innovative and creative tech district Poblenou - 5 minutes walk from the office to the beach.

Sweden, Stockholm

59°19´57 N 18°03´53 O
Close to the city center and yet surrounded by young urban creatives - our office in the heart of Stockholm.

Germany, Munich

48°08´14 N 11°34´31 O
Shared office near South Park - one of the greenest parts of Munich.

Austria, Innsbruck

46° 37´ N 11° 9´ O
Centrally located in SOHO Innsbruck, a sustainable office building with an in-house restaurant and terrace café - easily accessible by public transportation.

Our mission is teamwork.

ADDITIVE unites adventurers, game changers, achievers - people who believe in a shared vision. 


With a positive attitude, energy and commitment, we strive to achieve our vision.

At ADDITIVE, we understand the importance of team spirit and a healthy work environment.
Clear goals and a shared set of values create a motivating work environment.
The commitment of each individual contributes to the success of the company.
Interdepartmental updates let everyone speak and share team successes, challenges or news.
Smooth processes and teamwork are fostered by clear responsibilities and flat hierarchies.
A new software feature or a client project? Even a small success should be celebrated with the team.

People and colleagues united by shared values


What drives us in our mission? 

ADDITIVE is the common platform for a fulfilling working life beyond the ordinary: with variety and flexibility in everyday work, various challenges, international clients as well as continuous personal growth.


Principal Son Amoixa, Spain

39° 34´10 N 3° 12´34 O

Active Family Spa Resort Stroblhof, Italy

46° 48´46 N 11° 14´44 O

Mountain Resort Feuerberg, Austria

46° 41´2 N 13° 58´4 O

Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus, Italy

46° 44´48 N 12° 0´9 O

Ortner's Resort, Germany

48° 21´12 N 13° 18´47 O

Hotel Kvarner Palace, Croatia

45° 10´24 N 14° 41´29 O


This gives rise to themes
that accompany us and
and awaken our desire
to shape the future:

marketing automation,
up- & cross-selling,
machine learning &
artificial intelligence
and collaborative
research projects
with renowned

You are passionate about big visions, constant change, and the feeling of embarking on an extraordinary journey with a close-knit team.

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