Tourism marketing - a look behind the scenes

July 2023

Felix Stompe

Digital Sales Manager

As Digital Sales Manager at ADDITIVE, Felix Stompe is in daily contact with potential international hotel partners.


In his video, we take a look behind the scenes of tourism marketing together.

"The combination of exciting hotel concepts, different countries and new markets makes it super diverse. "
-- Felix Stompe
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Tourismus und Marketing
Felix Stompe

Welcome to an inspiring insight into the exciting world of tourism marketing! As a Digital Sales Manager, I have the privilege of working in an industry that uniquely combines my passion for travel and my enthusiasm for marketing. Every day is - to stay in the jargon - an exciting trip that confronts me with new challenges.


Our industry is constantly on the move, we must constantly adapt and develop innovative solutions. At ADDITIVE, we are always opening up to new opportunities and markets. I always try to stay up to date and follow current trends, new technologies and changes in tourism and online marketing.

If you too are looking for a career in a dynamic environment that combines marketing and tourism, then ADDITIVE offers you the perfect working environment. Here you will not only find a dedicated team, but also the opportunity to help shape the future of tourism marketing. Here is the link to all open positions.