“We think in

- Stefan Gasser,
Head of Web Software
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“Success does not
happen by chance.“

- David Weitlaner,
Head of Digital Marketing
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"Maximize our
customers' success."

- Armin Gögele,
Head of Customer Success Management
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"The driving force
behind growth."

- Joachim Leiter,
Head of Marketing & Sales
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"Change managers
and pacesetters."

- Stefan Hellweger,
Head of Administration
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Digital Marketing
Customer Success Management
Marketing & Sales


The software development department is the company's innovation engine. It turns great ideas into profitable software. The goal is clear: to develop the best marketing automation solution for the hotel industry. Worldwide.

Digital Marketing

Giving ADDITIVE's clients a competitive edge in digital hotel marketing is the daily challenge of the Digital Marketing team. Passion for new trends and constant optimization in all areas of online marketing are the hallmarks of this department.

Customer Success Management

The Customer Success Management team is the first point of contact for our hotel customers. The department is responsible for ensuring that all customers are successful with our ADDITIVE products and services.

Marketing & Sales

The Marketing & Sales department is the driving force at ADDITIVE: On the way to its ambitious vision, the team markets and sells the most innovative marketing and software solutions in the hotel industry - on an international level.


This is where strong human resources, digital administration with finance and controlling and state-of-the-art IT come together. Together, they form the backbone of the company, ensuring that the common vision and corporate development continue to unfold.

Keep going and going with ADDITIVE

Continually learning and developing skills.

Getting involved

Coding is one, getting involved is the other.

Product development and programming combined

Unique combination of product development and coding in a team environment.

Clear goals and an exciting roadmap

Clear concepts - one common goal: Our roadmap is exciting.

Daily internationality

Our team works from multiple locations. The international nature of our team broadens our perspectives.

Taking responsibility

Responsibility is a big priority for us: For each feature, the developer is responsible for ensuring that the functionality is correct.

From creative ad concepts to figures and analytics

Here, everyone puts their talents to work where they are needed, whether it is with analytical structure or with creative ideas.

Sharing knowledge across organizations

Ongoing knowledge-sharing with peers adds great value, not only within the department, but beyond.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Challenging goals are mastered together as a team.

Living innovation

Driving online marketing innovation, both externally and internally, with significant responsibility.

Exceptional performance

We are the heart of the company: our clients' success is in our hands.

Teamwork on an equal footing

Personal exchange with colleagues and executives - always at eye level.

International clients

Daily interaction with international clients around the world.

100% daily variety

Maximum variety of activities, every day is different.

Communication, empathy and marketing

Seeking communicative, empathetic individuals with an interest in the hospitality industry and online marketing.

Personalized, well-structured and efficient

Balancing personal support with standardized processes.

Working together to succeed

We make no compromises when it comes to helping our customers succeed with our innovative marketing and software solutions.

Cutting-edge marketing

Stay two steps ahead with innovative marketing.

Never change a winning team

We work as an integrated team, complementing each other perfectly.

Maximizing sales KPIs

Our sales processes are optimized on a daily basis to increase close rates.

Setting new industry benchmarks

Our content marketing efforts for ADDITIVE have been recognized as a point of reference and a benchmark within the industry.

Results - measurable and visible

We work with measurable results - making our successes visible and measurable for our team and the entire organization.

Actively managing growth

ADDITIVE's growth rate is driven by the marketing and sales team.

Not all heroes wear capes

Team Administration pulls the strings behind the scenes, paving the way for success.

Shaping the work environment

We work every day to create a high-performance and innovative work environment for all of our employees.

Resilience & stability

Our team provides both a safe and stable environment for all of the other departments to work in.

Corporate culture by example

Creation of a unique culture for a motivated, passionate ADDITIVE team.

Modern offices and first movers for IT

We use cutting-edge software and hardware to create a modern work environment and automate day-to-day processes.

Rethinking traditional administration

Rethinking administration with scalable, modern, and proactive solutions.

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Stefan Moser

Human Resources Manager

You're burning for big visions, for constant change, and for the feeling of embarking on a journey beyond the ordinary with a close-knit team, just like we are?
Let's talk about it.

FAQs on applying to ADDITIVE

How do I apply to ADDITIVE?

We take great care to ensure that applicant data is accurately stored in our system. To ensure this, please only use the application form on our People & Culture page.

A current CV is ideal for a first overview of your career. We would also like to read a compelling letter of motivation and/or cover letter telling us why you want to join Team ADDITIVE.

Presence, hybrid, remote: What types of collaboration are there at ADDITIVE?

ADDITIVE offers all employees various types of collaboration after an initial training period.

We generally distinguish between:

  • Presence: This means a permanent presence in one of our offices (5 days a week in the office).
  • Hybrid: This generally means working from home or a coworking space at least once a week, but also being present in one of our offices at least once a week (if full-time, at least 1 time at home, at least 1 time in the office).
  • Remote Office: By this we mean collaboration that takes place exclusively from home or a coworking space. The employee can only be found in one of our offices from time to time.

Freelancers: As a general rule, all positions we advertise are employment positions and these cannot be implemented on a freelance basis. We do offer freelance collaboration on a selective basis, but these are usually self-contained projects with a limited time frame.

Are all the vacancies on the overview page still available?

Yes, basically all positions that are online are also available.

You are also welcome to submit a speculative application. If you are not 100% sure about any position, here is a good tip. Grab your cell phone and give us a call. Tell us which positions appeal to you in principle and which ones you particularly like. Together we'll find out in which position you can best showcase your strengths and personality.

How does the application process work at ADDITIVE?

We attach great importance to the optimal composition of our teams, which is why we dedicate ourselves intensively to the selection of new employees. As a rule, there are approx. 4-6 weeks, depending on your time availability, between your application and employment.

The following steps await you as part of our selection process:

  • Review of the submitted documents and pre-selection
  • First meeting without in-depth technical knowledge in the context of a phone interview
  • First personal interview or video call to find out more about the applicant's personality and at the same time to introduce ADDITIVE to the applicant
  • Second in-depth interview/video call with your future supervisor to discuss professional qualifications and clarify mutual expectations
  • ADDITIVE Insight Day (remote or in persona) to check the applicant's skills and abilities on the one hand and to give an insight into future tasks and activities on the other hand
  • Agreeing on the terms and conditions for working together

When will I get feedback on my application?

The People & Culture team makes every effort to process applications as quickly as possible.

If you have not received a response after 14 days - neither by phone (see Calls in Absence) nor by email (see Spam folder), please do not hesitate to ask. Technical problems should not be an obstacle for a possible cooperation.

What is the ADDITIVE Insight Day like?

The ADDITIVE Insight Day offers applicants the opportunity to gain an insight into their future working environment at ADDITIVE or into their own department. By means of exemplary tasks, you learn about the concrete activities you will be confronted with in everyday life. You also get to know the team or department you are applying for personally and gain a general insight into the way ADDITIVE works.

What does the further training and development offer at ADDITIVE look like?

We hold regular employee appraisals on the subject of further training. We reach agreements on professional and personal development and plan appropriate training content on the basis of a budget of around 1,000 euros per employee. Furthermore, new customers, projects and trends in the field of online marketing and software constantly provide for varied tasks and exciting challenges.

Our planned and structured company management are the guarantee for a long-term secure job. At the same time, we enable specialist careers despite our limited company size. Due to our constant growth in personnel, we offer specialist specializations or responsibility and thus long-term perspectives in our company.

The offices in Barcelona, Stockholm and Innsbruck appeal to me. Can I work at these offices abroad at any time?

After a training period, it is in principle possible for every employee with a fixed workplace in Lana or Bolzano to work from a branch office such as Barcelona or Stockholm for a defined period.
We are happy when employees take advantage of the vibrant atmosphere of Barcelona, Stockholm or even Innsbruck. Networking, exchanging ideas with people from other industries, big city flair - you take all this with you from your stays abroad in the ADDITIVE offices in Europe and bring this wealth of experience back to your home office. Go for it

Where exactly are the ADDITIVE offices located?

Here you can find the detailed addresses of the ADDITIVE offices or your future workplace:


  • Headquarter LANA / Italy
    Zona Industriale 1/5 - EUROCENTER
    39011 Lana (BZ)
  • Office BOLZANO / Italy
    Via Enrico Fermi 34
    39100 Bolzano (BZ)
  • Office Innsbruck / Austria
    Grabenweg 68 - SOHO2
    6020 Innsbruck