¡Hola Barcelona!

January 2023

Stefan Hellweger

Head of Administration

After the success of our offices in Innsbruck and Munich, our team will conquer the Catalan metropolis Barcelona in spring 2022.


Well-equipped workplaces and a spacious apartment will be available for all ADDITIVE team members who want to experience the flair of the city and the Spanish tech scene.

Working in the heart of a metropolis

Barcelona, the Mediterranean port city, is a strategic center for international business and travel activities, providing the ideal environment for a new ADDITIVE office location. 


The city impresses with its diverse architecture, Mediterranean quality of life and culinary offerings such as tapas and paellas. In addition, the European metropolis combines a diversity of cultures and languages and offers ADDITIVE team members the opportunity to develop in a highly creative and dynamic environment.

What can be expected?

Our office in Barcelona is located in the vibrant IT district of Poblenou and is part of the Talent Garden, a modern co-working space with over 4,000 square meters on four floors and space for more than 300 employees. A particular highlight of the office location is its closeness to the beach, allowing employees to spend their lunch breaks or evenings there while enjoying the Mediterranean flair. In addition to the office workstations in the coworking space, a nearby apartment is available to all employees and their families.


Living abroad allows our team members to build an international network and work in a dynamic work environment.

"Barcelona, as a melting pot of cultures, offers an inspiring work environment and is one of the European innovation centers of the tech scene."
- Stefan Hellweger
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New ADDITIVE office in Barcelona

Who can work at the international offices?

After a successful onboarding process, our team members have the opportunity to work in one of our international locations, such as Barcelona or Stockholm, and experience the vibrant city life. 


In addition to the opportunity to network and share ideas with professionals from other industries, our team members broaden their horizons by spending time abroad, experiencing other cultures and gaining a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the global business environment. All of these experiences enrich their professional development and the quality of our work.