ADDITIVE Mission Day 2023 in Amsterdam

May 2023

Petra Enrich

Culture Manager

January not only marks the start of a new year at ADDITIVE, but also a great mystery: where will ADDITIVE Mission Day take us?

Warning, spoiler: 2023 on a houseboat in Amsterdam.

What is ADDITIVE Mission Day?

The ADDITIVE Mission Day is an absolute highlight in the company's year: all together we dedicate ourselves intensively to our company outside the office and far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We look back on the highlights and challenges of the past year. Above all, however, we look ahead to the current year and future strategies. In doing so, we receive information from the management and the department heads about goals, projects, innovation and changes that we are striving for together. In this way, we are all on track and the culture of "entrepreneurs in the company" is strengthened even more.


At the same time, the joint trip offers enriching experiences. The team finds the fact that the destination remains a secret until the very end particularly exciting: is the bus already taking us to our destination? Or perhaps to an airport? Few had the Dutch capital on their radar this year, so the surprise effect at the check-in counter was all the more exciting: Destination Amsterdam.

Destination Amsterdam

On a houseboat, we discussed strategies, enjoyed culinary delights, and strengthened team spirit by dancing below deck with the support of a DJ.  In the Start-up Village Amsterdam and AI Hub we also exchanged ideas with entrepreneurs from the tech sector, sightseeing and some time for shopping and walking rounded off this year's program.

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ADDITIVE Mission Day 2023 in Amsterdam