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Answers from the customer success management team

April 2023

Stefan Moser

Human Resources Manager

The Customer Success Management team is the interface between our hotel clients and the various departments at ADDITIVE.


Exciting meetings with hosts from different countries, new challenges and a wide range of tasks are on the agenda.

Customer Success Manager on site
@Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus
Intensive team meeting in the office

On the one hand, the team tries to understand the needs of hotel clients, provide advice and support, and optimize their marketing potential. On the other hand, the team acts as a mouthpiece and carries the requirements and customer wishes to the individual departments or experts.

To get a better insight into the day-to-day work of the Customer Success Management team, we mugged three team members with a short question:

„We were a team. We worked together, we solved problems together and finally we reached the summit together.“
-- Edmund Hillary

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Um einen besseren Einblick in die alltägliche Arbeit des Customer Success Management Teams zu erhalten, haben wir drei Teammitglieder mit je einer kurzen Frage überfallen:

Sara, how would you describe being a Customer Success Manager?

Every day it's about unearthing untapped potential in our hotel clients, supporting them with our innovative products and thus pursuing common goals. The great thing about it: we don't make decisions based on gut instinct, but we do so using data.

Johannes, what 5 qualities do you think a perfect Customer Success Manager has?

Outgoing, reliable, quick-witted, persistent - and most importantly for us, they are open to independently finding ways and solutions to challenges.

Claudia, what has been the best moment for you so far in your daily interaction with clients?

When we shared the impressive ROI (return on investment) of 1,600% with a major customer: By working closely with the other departments, we managed to generate a good €1,600 for every €100 invested.

Thank you three so much for these insights.