Study and work?
6 reasons to join ADDITIVE before graduation

March 2023

Petra Enrich

Culture Manager

There are many advantages to starting your career before you graduate. In the following blog we present 6 reasons why working at ADDITIVE during your studies is a good idea.

Study and work?
6 good reasons!

To be honest, ADDITIVE has seen some of the most unusual combinations of studying and working.

One of them was certainly the medical student with a passion for programming who worked as a frontend web developer.

However, we're always looking for interns and career starters. Their studies should provide the theoretical basis for the position they're applying for.

Starting a job at ADDITIVE during your studies has several advantages.

1. Practical and professional experience

Experience is at the top of this list for a reason: Valuable practical insights will help you position yourself better later in your career and stand out from the crowd.

2. First income and funding

Of course, there is also the financial aspect: a job can cover tuition fees or living expenses, or you can treat yourself to something special. In short, you gain independence and autonomy.

3. Career guidance

Through hands-on work and experience, students have a better idea of which career path or job description is right for them and which is not. We are happy to help students find the right position in the right department within our company that matches their interests and skills.

4. Improve your soft skills

In your daily interactions with your ADDITIVE team members, you'll learn how to interact with your colleagues and you'll be confronted with many new situations that will require you to practice your social skills - whether it's stress and time management or working independently in general.

5. Opportunities for professional growth and development

The team at ADDITIVE is made up of many former interns and also "recidivists" who, after completing their studies, are now full-time employees. If the collaboration works well for both parties, ADDITIVE offers exciting career and development opportunities.

6. Helping you start your career

All of these benefits have one overarching goal: to make it easier for you to start your career and increase your chances of quickly landing the position you want after graduation, whether at ADDITIVE or elsewhere.



Find out at a glance what entry-level positions are currently available at ADDITIVE. Many positions offer the opportunity to work part-time and/or remotely. Stefan Moser, our Human Resources Manager, will be happy to assist you with your specific requirements.