Snacking for a good cause: ADDITIVE Heart Project "Butterfly doughnuts"

February 2023

Petra Enrich

Culture Manager

ADDITIVE Heart Projects supports, in the spirit of solidarity, associations, charities and organizations that benefit other people and positively enrich places or the environment.

DEBRA South Tyrol - Help for Butterfly Children

During the carnival season we traditionally take part in the "Mein Beck" doughnut campaign: Part of the proceeds from the sale of the butterfly doughnuts are donated to the organization "DEBRA South Tyrol - Help for butterfly children". DEBRA supports people affected by the disease Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) - called Butterfly Children - and their families. DEBRA offers help for self-help, enables therapies and the exchange of experiences and promotes medical and research developments for a cure. 

All the team members who were in the Lana office on Shrove Monday enjoyed the sweet treats, as did their family and friends. Most of all, we were happy to be able to advance another ADDITIVE heart project.